Reliable stores that offer quality door frames

With the door frames you wish to buy in mind, it’s time to relax and just access the internet; it’s all you need and of course, some cash somewhere. The United States boasts of many online shopping platforms which offer delivery to their customers. Through these sites, you can conveniently do your shopping without having to travel to the hardware. Below are some of the leading manufacturers of doors and door frames whose products you can choose from.

1. Timely Industries

It is a manufacturer of prefinished steel door frames. The company also facilitates ordering of their products through their website. Timely Industries is based in California, US.

2. American Door Co

A retailer of commercial overhead and garage doors. The company has several locations throughout Central Minnesota, US.

3. USA Wood Door Inc.

This incorporation is based in New Jersey. It supplies factory prefinished wood doors varieties to commercial lumberyards, contract warehouses and millwork houses.

4. Tru-Fit Frame & Door Corporation

Tru-Fit is also based in New Jersey and is a manufacturer of steel doors.

5. Premier Door Frame and Hardware

Premier is a leading door supplier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It also offers full metal welding and fabrication services in addition to the wooden frames and doors. Premier is very diverse in its operations and also contains a full manufacturing line of the hollow steel doors and frames. Its architectural wood doors and frames are available in standard and five-rated configurations.

6. Schuco USA LP

Schuco produces steel, solar, aluminum and PVC-U products worldwide and is a global provider of energy efficient building solutions. Schuco is based in Connecticut.

7. Dorma USA Inc.

Dorma is also a door supplier whose base of operations is Illinois, US.

To have the best results, it’s better to have the frames fitted by experienced technicians.